Zola Foods supplies a range of nutrient dense superfood products including oils, teas and powders primarily from Africa to our global customers. 

Superfoods are a special category of foods that are found in nature that are superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients - nutrients that we need but cannot make ourselves. 

Our operations are based in Zimbabwe where we ethically source and organically grow and convert our products. As a social enterprise, we are committed to using sustainable harvesting and farming methods, support female farmers, preserve biodiversity and have a low carbon footprint.


Our vision is to facilitate, mobilize and popularize fair trade agricultural exports from Africa. 

We strive to set benchmarks for international trade, collaborating with farmers, governments, regulatory agencies and conscious consumers.
The core of our business model aims to create prosperity and opportunity for farmers in Africa, enhance local capacity and reduce, unemployment, hunger and poverty.




Our products are locally sourced and produced in Zimbabwe. We aim to preserve indigenous methods of production and conversion through a labour intensive and a low carbon emission supply chain. 


Zola Foods focuses on educating farmers, suppliers, employees and customers on the nutritional benefits of our products. We hope to address issues of malnutrition in Zimbabwe whilst teaching households to incorporate self-sustainable farming methods into their daily lives. This leads to a healthier, more independent workforce.


By adopting fair trade policies we are encouraging and empowering local suppliers and employees with a reliable source of income. Our products are grown organically without the use of chemical inputs and we ensure all parts of the plants are used. We create employment opportunities for women, providing households with a second source of income.